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Love of food

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Giacomo Petri
Private Organic Chef

PERSONAL CHEF SERVICE IN FLORENCE - TUSCANY with the prerogative of cooking tasty, inviting and healthy menus. Cooking class and cooking show all over Tuscany. Each menu is created to excite and amaze, lovingly prepared by seeking the best balance between alkaline and nutritional fat proteins and carbohydrates. Contact the chef to

The chef at home
We take care of everything!

Once we have established the menu according to the choices of our customers, we will buy the organic raw materials selected by local producers.
Each recipe will be prepared directly on site to offer top quality and freshness and give our customers maximum satisfaction!
Private Chef service from 75€ per person.

Cooking Class & Show Cooking
Look, learn and eat!

Our cooking classes are really fun! You will discover the organic products of our territory, purchased from the local farms. You can join in our kitchen, in CHIANTI or in Florence, or we can come to your place. Together with Jack you will prepare delicious recipes , such as PASTA, caprese, tiramisu, fish from the tuscan archipelago, pesto and much more! Write to:


Our proposals

Here are some ideas for seasonal menus

Delicious Fish Menu
Quality and health from the sea

We love to create innovative fish menus!
We choose only wild fish to enhance the best organoleptic and health quality possible. By avoiding farmed fish products as much as possible, we guarantee a product free of antibiotics and hormones. We like to cook fish, playing with the various traditions and flavors from around the world. From our local fish to the island, to the most exciting curries, to the joys of Sichuan cuisine. Discover some of our proposals

Vegetarian Menu
The flavour of nature

For vegetarian and vegan lovers, our veggy proposals are an exciting new experience! The care taken in the research of ingredients and the study of the best combinations, enhance creativity in our vegetarian cuisine. Nature offers us so many ingredients to match, to satisfy the most demanding and sweet palates.
The healthiest and most ethical choice on your plate, without sacrificing the thousand shades of taste and color! Discover some of our proposals

Enjoy the tastes of Tuscany!
Classic Menu in modern mood

Our recipes is an authentic experience between tradition and innovation! We have recovered ancient Tuscan recipes, handed down from generation to generation, that our grandmother knew how to cook with passion and love. Our recipes from the Tuscan menu are cooked in a modern way and you can enjoy them while sipping excellent wines produced in Italy.
Please write at: to ask a proposal for a Tuscan menu. Enjoy the tastes of Tuscany!


What menu do you want?

Fish, Vegetarian or Tuscan, send a message to receive our proposals.
Please indicate the date and place of your event, how many people and your preferences.
We'll get back to you quickly!


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